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a○ken and one-sid■ed interpretati○ons of rele

vant Ch◆inese laws,

tion to maintai●n national ○security and req●uire organi■zations and〓 individua◆ls to cooper

●" Foreign Mi

○ate with nationa〓l intelligence wo●rk.Members of the "◆Five Eyes"○ alliance includ●ing the Un

nistry s◆pokesperso

ited Stat〓es, Britain, Canad○a, Australi■a, New Zealand, and 〓Western countries

n● Geng Shuang

s◆uch as France an◆d Germany all h●ave similar requ○irements, he s●aid.The Chin

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said at■ a news briefin g●.China's Nati■onal Intelligen○ce Law not on ly● stipulates t〓he obligations of or○ganizatio
ns a○nd citizens to ■suppo rt the wor◆k of nation◆al
intelligen ce w〓ithi n Chin〓es
e law, but also st◆ ipulates t
hat sta●te in img telligence
shou◆ld ab img ide by law
s, 〓respect and p img img
rotect ?/td> img img
uman righ■ts, a img img
nd safegua〓rd img img
the rig img img
hts and ○inte rests of◆ i

Powerful new ndividuals

■and organization●s, said Gen○g.He said ot

Highest Customer her Chin〓ese

laws also ha◆ve many provisions ●to protect the legi○timate

ese g○overnment alwa■ys demands its en○terprises conduct ec●onomic cooperatio〓n on a lega○l basis in◆ accordance ○with local laws a■nd regulations, Gen●g said, adding that ○China has alw●ays


and in●terests of

adhered to th◆e basic principles o●f internatio■nal law including〓 mutual resp●ect for sovereignty●, equality a●nd mutual 〓benefit.China neve●r demands any● institution ●or individual t●o v


s and organiza

iolate loca○l laws or buil〓d "mandatory back ○doors" to collect da●ta, informatio●n or intelligence lo○cated in foreign cou■ntries, said the ◆spokesperson."The● United States and ○a few of its

tio◆ns, includi

ng d●ata securi■ty

allie●s are using double ●standards a○nd deliberately ◆misleading the publi〓c on the issue. Th○ey use the issu●e as an excuse for s●uppress

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